Including Fretboard GPS, Chords Alchemy, The Modes eBooks and 2 video crash courses for fluent fretboard navigation, melody creation and creativity behind chords.

If you are confused about the fretboard, chords and all that stuff, you're not alone.

It caused so much pain for me too.

I saw the same pain in my students as well.

And that's why I've developed a highly visual system that I'll be giving you with these eBooks and videos instead of using theory..
When you use it, two things will happen.
First, you'll understand and SEE how the positions occupy the fretboard regardless if it's in C major or G minor or whatever the key is AND you'll discover how all the well known pentatonic boxes live inside of these positions. Everything will just make sense from this point. See, this book is VERY different from the other ones on the market, because it's highly visual, and you find videos as well to reinforce your perception even further.
After you have finished the eBook and the course you'll have a clear understanding of how to play anywhere on the guitar neck using your well known scales but this time with total freedom anywhere on the guitar.
This is really important to you because it sets you up for the long-term if you want to play without frustration and fear. You'll be able to focus on your musical thoughts instead of where to play what... You'll get back the joy you experienced when you picked up the guitar in the beginning.

Imagine playing beautiful melodies with
confidence anywhere on the fretboard. 

Or worse... Imagine just being stuck in certain boxes and repeating the same boring ideas...
and losing all your motivation and joy. 

You see, the guitar is not like a piano, it's not linear. It can be very frustrating to find out how to use it because you can play the same notes and melodies at multiple positions. 

  • Have you ever felt the frustration that you can't get rid of the boxes on the guitar?

  • Do you use the same places over and over again because you're afraid of making mistakes?

  • Are you bored and have maybe lost your confidence picking up your instrument or are afraid of jamming with fellow musicians?

  • Are you just starting out and want to learn this mysterious instrument with ease?

Let's end all of this right here, right now!
With this Bundle, you'll see and hear exactly how to solve these problems, and if this is not enough, I made an animation where I show you precisely how it is constructed. Seeing only this animation would certainly give you that 'A-Ha' moment but I explain and reinforce it even more in the book and videos.

About the instructor

Csaba has been playing for more than 30 years now and he’s the author of the Fretboard GPS eBook, trusted by more than 25.000 students from all around the world.


He’s an active musician with more than 500 gigs from small venues to huge open areas and festivals.  Songwriter and composer and producer.


He has a trademark of explaining complex, difficult subject on an easy and understandable way.

It's time for a New You!


The YOU that can finally master the fretboard... starts with the intention to make that happen and the fact that you're here means that surely is your intention, right?


With 25,000+ students now going through my GPS method, I want to help you to become a master of fretboard in 2021 by giving you this bundle for a crazy price...

So what are you getting exactly?


  • Science of Chord Creation

  • Triads & Seventh Chords

  • Open Position Chords with New Colours

  • Drop2 Chords

  • Chord Inversions

  • Chord Progressions

  • Power Chords and much more...


  • Navigation Summary

  • Fretboard Positions

  • Pentatonic Positions

  • How to Construct Long Scales

  • How to Shift Patterns on the Neck

  • Introduction to Modes


  • What the Modes Are

  • How to Access and Play Modes

  • How to Think about Them

  • 7 Different Musical Landscapes

  • Modes on the Fretboard

  • Process of Melody Creation

Before you read on, let me tell you...

  • This isn't about only one scale and one key.

    I've created this package with flexibility in mind. Learning these methods can be then adapted to cover any  scale within the diatonic scale, in any key. Meaning it doesn't matter in which key, major or minor you should play, you'll be able to do so after mastering these methods.

  • This isn't about just playing scales up and down.

    That wouldn't be music, just the alphabet waiting for the right usage. Using The Modes eBook you'll be able to play real, tasty and exciting melodies on the fly, choosing from a variety of musical landscapes.

  • This isn't only about monophonic music.

    Chords provide the biggest joy in the beginning. With the Chord Alchemy eBook you'll not only learn basic chords, but the way your can be creative with them and step at a much higher level in your chordal playing.

  • This isn't delivered as physical books.

    This bundle contains 3 eBooks and videos instead of physical books and DVDs.

See what others say about the course.

I’ve been playing a long time, but never really broke through the feeling that I was somehow ‘faking it’ - you know, comfortable in a few spots, but nervous to try to stretch out or really improvise - a bit boring for me and the audience. Here at last I have a concrete remedy for that. This system is clearly explained and easy to start using - I’m already seeing results in my playing. Very well done, thank you

Plus you get all these bonuses too!

Bonus 01

Fretboard Crash Course

  • Explanation of Major Scale

  • The Different Positions

  • How to Connect the Positions

  • Long Scale Creation in Practice

  • Pentatonic Scales & Positions

  • Fretboard Diagram

Bonus 02

Chords Crash Course

  • Easily Form Major, Minor, Diminished & Augmented Triads

  • Get Amazing Colours in Open Position Chords

  • How to Shift Open Chords to Get Excited Versions

  • Power Chords & Riffs

60 days money-back guarantee

I want you to feel 100% secure with your purchase.


This is why I offer you 60 days money-back guarantee.


If after going through the material you feel that it's not what you thought, or you are not happy with the course (I doubt this will happen though), I pay you every penny back you spent on this product.



    This is the moment where you just have to hit the 'Buy Now' button above and set yourself up to change the game and as you can see, right now, you're getting this entire bundle with a 80+% DISCOUNT.


    For now, I just want to say thank you for reading this letter and I hope you'll take the plunge right now and take this limited time offer, whilst it's still available.

    Kind Regards



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